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IT Solutions
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Real Estate Solutions

Real Estate Solutions is an international property advertising startup dedicated to bringing property sellers and buyers together through well structured content and various search options. The thoughtfully designed application also creates wide possibilities to offer and find property for rent or share. By taking advantage of the latest web and mobile technologies the reliable product was provided to customers allowing to find the best deals quickly and effortlessly.

Real Estate B2B solution

The platform is a B2B solution to efficiently manage a Real Estate business and achieve the best performance for Real Estate agencies

E-Commerce & Retail Solutions

Cumulation is a complex E-Commerce & Retail solution aiming to streamline retail audit and retail data analysis against different shopping chains, help to define volumes and structure of the consumer market, competitors market state, track sales dynamics, identify free niches on the market and more. The application launch allowed to strengthen the client’s market position, effectively determine and use resources as well as boost sales.

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